Vodeo Solutions - Digital Video Compression, Video Storage



Who We Are

Vodeo Solutions is a New York-based startup inventing novel approaches to digital video processing.

We have  a portfolio of patents and are continuing to research new applications for our technology. We are building demonstration platforms to display the benefits of these techniques.

 We offer licensing arrangements for applications in a broad range of industries. We seek investors to continue the development and marketing of these concepts.

Vodeo Solutions - Video Compression and Video Storage

What We Do

We offer licenses for our patented FPGA- and ASIC-based video compression and manipulation algorithms, which provide significant improvements over prior techniques:

  • Video compression that delivers guaranteed DVD-quality, compressed in real time, at rates under 1 Mbit/sec.  This is ten times smaller than MPEG-2.

  • Lossless video compression ratios of 10:1.  This is three times better than current standards.

  • Conversion between SDTV and HDTV formats

  • Conversion between NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcast television standards

  • Conversion between differing frame display rates.  This encompasses standard 3:2 pulldown, PAL-to-NTSC conversion, and playback synchronization

  • Conversion between interlaced and progressive-scan formats

  • Synthetic slow motion

We are licensing this technology for markets in video post production, compressed storage of first-generation-quality video, and consumer electronics devices.

What We Don't Do

We are not a streaming media company. Our processing is done in special-purpose silicon, not general-purpose CPUs. We are not developing a software-based codec, such as Real Player or QuickTime.